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The Jimmy Chsire Fan Club

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January 13th, 2005

12:07 pm
I talked to Mr. Jimmy on the phone yesterday. He wants us to go eat with him the first weekend in February. I wish it was February. :-)

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September 6th, 2004

03:32 pm - Mr Jimmy
I liked it when we took naps on the floor in his class...

Or when we cut out pictures from magazines and made collages!

I saw Jimmy the other day walking out of the union. Krystal and I talked to him for a half hour! He's awesome


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11:41 am
I miss Mr. Jimmy.

And I want his new book to come out so I can read it.

What is your favorite in-class Mr. Jimmy moment?

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01:13 am
Wow, Jimmy has his own community? Rock on.

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May 25th, 2004

05:02 pm - my favorite mr. jimmy memory
the first time i really sat down and talked to mr. jimmy. it was for eng. 399 conferences. mr. jimmy rules. my story would be longer, but i can't think of what else to say. it's mr. jimmy. jmr. immy rules.
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03:06 pm - My favorite Jimmy memory
Most definitely when we had to pick topics for our opinion/argument/position term papers, and I chose "Why Star Wars is the Greatest Movie of All Time." Mind you, this was before the prequels came out.

And he took me seriously. I got an A.

Second runner up vicariously involved Jimmy. For ENG 102, I signed up for his class along with many others, only to find out the first day of class he wasn't teaching, it was some pogue of a grad assistant who was EVIL. He spent the entire first period lecturing us about his unrealistic expectations, then when we were ready to go he asks if there are any questions.
I shoot my hand up, and say, "Just one. Where's Jimmy?"
He looks around befuddled, then says, "Who's Jimmy?"
I say, "Jimmy was the guy who was supposed to be teaching this course. He's the reason I signed up."
He says, "Oh, I see. How many of the rest of you signed up for that reason?" (because it was a gen ed, obviously)
Every hand but one goes up in the air.
The guy looks even more bewildered, then proceeds to mock me,
"Oh, I see how it is. *in a high screechy voice* Where's Jimmy? Where's Jimmy?"

The minute I hit the door I headed for Jimmy's office (back when it was in the basement of the library). He signed me into his honors group and I escaped the evil guy. I found out later most of the rest of them dropped too and he was left with something like 11 students (when the class had been filled, like 35 people to start with).

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01:28 pm - I HEART JIMMY
What is my favorite Jimmy memory?

Good question!

I'd have to say the Tuesday afternoon Nexus meetings where it was just Jimmy and I talking about writing and spirituality. He taught me a lot and trusted me with some really personal stuff and we bonded hardcore. He got me into the Artist's way during those meetings. He got me back into a lot of things. He encouraged me and I encouraged him.

Those meetings are really special to me.


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11:44 am - Hi Everybody!
what's your favorite jimmy memory?

(i'll post mine soon as i'm done with class)
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